Treating Your Corrugator Muscle

Posted on January 08, 2021

At some point, you have probably heard that it takes 43 muscles to frown and just 17 muscles to smile. The message of this adage, of course, is that it takes more effort to scowl or glare, so you may as well grin. It may be hard to beam if you can’t find your favorite green juice at the market or you have just received a parking ticket, but luckily, for the moments that do make you frown, there’s Botox. Botox is an FDA-approved prescription medicine that is injected into certain muscles, like the corrugator muscle, to temporarily improve the look of lines and creases along the forehead and eyes. 

Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness in Tulsa, OK offers a variety of beauty and wellness solutions that can correct the fine lines and creases that appear as we age, including frown lines along the corrugator muscle that sits just below the skin between your eyebrows.

What is the corrugator muscle?

If you have ever peered into the mirror and spotted two deep lines that look like the number 11, you have discovered glabellar lines along your corrugator muscle. 

Also called the frowning muscle, this small and narrow muscle is close to the eye (it’s located near the rim of the eye socket) and works by drawing the eyebrow down and inward. This muscle produces, as stated, glabellar lines as well as vertical wrinkles along the forehead. 

This muscle is activated when you frown, scowl, or squint, and may be apparent when you’re working on a computer or driving into a sunset. 

You may be unhappy about the creases this muscle can produce, but don’t frown just yet — there is a solution!

Does Botox help with frown lines?

Absolutely! If you want to treat your corrugator muscle, Botox — one of our top-requested services —  is a non-invasive remedy that can improve the look of fine lines and creases. In fact, one study called it a “simple, safe, and effective modality for reduction of forehead wrinkles.” 

Our neuromodulator injectables like Botox and Xeomin are designed to relax targeted muscles by blocking the nerve signals associated with muscle twitching, including the corrugator muscle, to successfully minimize wrinkles along your eyebrows, eyes, and forehead. 

For deeper, more complex wrinkles, a comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment may be needed.

How long does Botox last?

In just one to two weeks after treatment, the lines and wrinkles that were bothering you before will be nearly unnoticeable. Results can last up to three months or more, depending on factors such as your age, your muscle mass, the injection location and technique, and the volume of the solution.

Additional tips: How to minimize frown lines

Incorporating Botox into your standard beauty routine can work wonders for frown lines and fine lines, but there are other things you can do at home to help prevent new wrinkles:

  • Use sunscreen daily
  • Regularly apply moisturizer
  • Wear sunglasses when driving or enjoying the outdoors
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Work with your doctor to stop smoking

The bottom line

If you ask us (or our clients!), our Botox treatments are definitely something to smile about. 

In fact, one customer named Tanya B. left an online review that said “Dr. Bilbruck and her whole team are amazing! I go for hormone treatment, Botox, and lip fillers. They are so nice and so honest and listen to what I want.”

Ready for real, reliable results that treat your corrugator muscle and help minimize pesky frown lines for many months at a time? Visit our online scheduler to request your Botox consultation or call our medical spa at 918-994-9170 to schedule with our staff over the phone.

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