Weight Loss Therapy: Achieving Your Ideal Body

Posted on October 20, 2023

Buying a new wardrobe in a smaller size is always an incentive to lose weight and an excellent morale booster. Losing five to ten percent of your body weight can achieve your desired look, positively impact your health, give you more energy, and help you relax so you sleep more comfortably. Losing weight can also decrease the risk of developing chronic health problems like diabetes and cardiac disease and reduce joint and muscle pain.

However, the process of weight loss can be hard to manage on your own. Luckily, weight loss therapy programs can assist you on your journey, ensuring you meet your goals. If you’re living with excess weight, feel tired, anxious, or stressed, and suffer from problems like high cholesterol or high blood pressure due to obesity, you may be an excellent candidate for weight loss therapy.

Developing an Effective Weight Loss Program

Before beginning intensive weight loss therapy, the Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness team will obtain a complete medical history, order lab tests, and review your medications and supplements. Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness customizes its weight loss therapy plans to suit individual needs. Your wellness plan may include:

  • Diet and nutrition counseling
  • Hormone replacement therapy or HRT
  • Individualized exercise plans
  • Weight loss supplements approved by the FDA
  • Fat burning and vitamin injections

Anyone who wants to lose excess weight and improve their health is a candidate for weight loss therapy. Losing extra weight can benefit your physical health, alleviate anxiety, and increase energy. When a medical professional manages your weight loss program, you will likely have more effective results than dieting alone would accomplish.

The Facts About Wellness Injections

Lipotropic or wellness injections are an effective treatment for weight loss, whether you want to lose 10 or 100 pounds, but the injections work best as a complement to a healthy diet and exercise. Wellness injections consist of vitamins and nutrients that are a practical part of a weight loss program and are usually given in the fatty tissue of the abdomen, buttocks, or thigh in the safety of a medical spa.

Vitamin B-12 injections assist the body in using carbohydrates and fat to increase energy. B-12 is essential for nerves and red blood cells. This type of injection is used for patients with vitamin deficiencies. Wellness injections are an excellent option since they don’t require time to recover.

What to Expect From Weight Loss Therapy

At your initial consultation, our team reviews your medical history and weight loss needs, and a weight loss therapy program is customized for you. You’ll have appointments for regular weigh-ins, injections, and evaluations. The medical team provides support in a safe and comfortable environment.

If you want to learn more about wellness injections and how they may help you during weight loss therapy, contact Results Medical Spa. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and schedule a consultation.

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