Injectable treatments are effective non-surgical options to correct facial aging. These treatments aim to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, volume loss, excess fat, and more. There is an array of different injectable treatments on the market and each has its own formulation and purpose. At Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness we offer the following injectable treatments:


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Kybella is an injectable treatment designed to eliminate extra fullness under the chin, also called submental fullness. The active ingredient in Kybellais synthetic deoxycholic acid, a molecule that aids in breaking down and absorbing dietary fat. When injected into fat, Kybella destroys fat cells for a reduction in fullness.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a natural treatment to give skin a more youthful appearance within minimal downtime. This treatment is ideal for improving overall skin texture, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, plumping hollowing areas such as the cheeks and tear troughs, and smoothing acne and surgical scars.

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To learn more about injectable treatments and if they are right for achieving your aesthetic goals, contact Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness today. Your first step toward treatment will be to book your consultation appointment.

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I was nervous because it was my first time getting any type of injections but they made me feel really comfortable.

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I am a big fan of Results! I have been a happy customer for over two years and they’ve helped me age beautifully. Highly recommended to all!

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