The Link Between Hormone Imbalance and Weight Gain

Posted on July 06, 2021

When the number on your scale gets bigger and your pants don’t fit like they used to, who or what is to blame? Often, you can point the finger at poor diet and other lifestyle choices, but there are times when your struggle with weight gain is completely out of your control. 

Hormonal imbalances that stem from underlying conditions and aren’t the result of poor decision making play a huge role in your ability to control your weight. 

Dr. Laura Bilbruck and our team at Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness recognize that uncontrollable weight gain is both an aesthetic and wellness concern. That’s why we offer hormone replacement therapy to help you stabilize your weight. 

You and your hormones

Your body secretes and circulates upwards of 50 different hormones. Each is responsible for various bodily functions like triggering your fight-or-flight response and regulating your temperature. Your hormones also monitor your metabolism and control your ability to gain and lose weight

Unfortunately, there’s a laundry list of health issues that disrupt your hormones, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid problems
  • Medications
  • Injury or trauma
  • Medications
  • Cancer treatments

Women experience hormonal imbalances and the subsequent side effects like weight gain when they go through menopause, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Hormonal imbalances in men are usually the result of getting older. 

Regardless of gender or age, hormonal imbalances can significantly impact your health inside and out — the most frustrating effect being sudden, unmanageable weight gain. 

Your hormones and weight gain

Controlling your metabolism, appetite, and weight is perhaps your hormones’ most important responsibility.

Your metabolism is the process in which your body turns the food you eat into the energy it needs to function properly. Your hormones are key in helping this process run smoothly and efficiently. 

When you suffer from a hormonal imbalance, your metabolism slows and your appetite and waistline grow. The food you eat doesn’t get processed into usable energy, but rather gets stored as fat. 

This sluggish cycle continues until you address the underlying hormonal imbalance at the root of your weight gain issues. 

Treating your hormonal imbalance

There are lots of things that throw your hormones out of whack, but we have one simple solution to address your hormonal imbalance: bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT). 

We begin your hormone replacement therapy by taking a small blood sample and discussing your symptoms with you. This tells us exactly what kind of hormonal imbalance you’re struggling with. From there, we create your customized HRT in the form of bioidentical hormone pellets. 

These small pellets, made at a specialized FDA-registered pharmacy, contain natural ingredients that closely resemble the hormones in your body. We make a tiny incision in your hip area and insert the pellet just below the surface of your skin. 

Once implanted, the pellet immediately gets to work balancing your hormones and stabilizing your weight. You’ll notice ongoing results for about 4-6 months. You’ll come in for regular blood draws to monitor your hormones and implant more pellets as needed. 

Taking control of your weight 

When you’re ready to stop the cycle of irregular hormones and out-of-control weight gain, contact our Tulsa, Oklahoma, office today. 

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