Celebrate Healthy Aging Month with These Tips

Posted on September 08, 2022

Whether you knew it or not, September is healthy aging month; a time to reflect on how well you are aging and how you feel about your body. If there’s something that’s been bothering you this year or an even more recent development, you don’t necessarily have to live with it. Fatigue, brain fog, and other conditions might be treatable with a custom wellness plan curated by the physicians at Results Medical Aesthetics. Here are a few popular treatments we offer to give you an idea of what we do.

Healthy Aging Month Top Services

We aim to see all our clients living healthy lives and achieving their ideal figure and performance goals. We help both men and women discover their full potential and walk with confidence by providing them with solutions that have lasting results. See some of our recommended services for this month.

Hormone Replacement for Men

As men age, their testosterone levels continually decrease. This drop in hormones can lead to unfavorable changes in sexual function, body build, red blood cell count, and bone density. Therefore, many things about your life can change for the worse as you age, but you can enjoy a wholesome life when you have sufficient hormone levels.

Our hormone replacement therapy (HRT) uses pellets made from plant extracts. The contents contain the exact hormones’ molecular structure making them easily absorbed into the blood stream. We usually administer the treatment by making a small hip incision and inserting your custom-formulated pellets for long-term release benefits. The body gradually absorbs the hormones into your body over the next few hours, lasting for weeks.

The benefit of this therapy is a quick bodily response. You will start noticing an improvement within the first few days. You will experience a gradual increase in your lean mass, sexual and muscle performance, and sleep habits.

Hormone Replacement for Women

HRT for women is almost always sought once people hit menopause due to the decrease in estrogen production and the side effects that ensue. The menopause transition comes with symptoms like reduced bone density, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, and increased anxiety. When we replenish the hormones, your body can regain its proper function and reduce the uncomfortable side effects.

The administration process is similar to that for male hormone therapy, and one can expect results quickly after treatment. The pellets in women last for three to five months. After that, you need to book another session if your symptoms return. You will enjoy mental clarity, increased bone density, and improved sexual function.

Wellness injections

At Results Medical Aesthetics, we offer wellness injections to provide specific nutrients to your body. Each patient receives their specific dosage and nutrients depending on their unique body needs. Since the nutrients go straight to the bloodstream, you get a guarantee of optimum absorption.

We have Vitamin B-12 shots that help anemic patients increase red blood cell production and Kenalog treatment for acne management.

How often you can benefit from wellness injections depends on each individual’s needs. Since the process is very fast, you can pop in for your appointment during your lunch break and go back to work with no downtime.

Enjoy The Aging Process

We’re all getting older slowly but surely, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a drop in vitality and aging skin. Results Medical Aesthetics has your solution for healthy aging. Our personalized services can bring you significant health improvement to ensure you live a wholesome life. Schedule a consultation by calling our office or contacting us online and begin your healthy lifestyle journey.

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