Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Posted on November 08, 2022

Laser hair removal is an effective way to reduce and eliminate unwanted hair. But with so many laser hair removal options on the market, it can take time to know which is best for you. When it comes to laser hair removal, timing is everything. You may think laser treatments are unsafe during the coldest months, but this isn’t true.  In fact, laser hair removal is more popular during the colder months. Here’s what to know about timing your laser hair removal package at Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness and why it’s the best time of year to schedule your consultation.

Lack of Sun Exposure

The lack of sun exposure in winter makes it easier to target your skin with the laser, which leads to better results. In the summer, skin typically has a greater amount of pigment and sun damage, which can make the treatment less effective. Additionally, you have to worry less about sun exposure after treatment since you’re likely covered up with warm clothing throughout the day. If you opt for laser hair removal during the summer, it can be more difficult to avoid sunlight without feeling like you’re missing out on your favorite activities.

Cold Weather Reduces Swelling

The winter months are a great time to enjoy holiday festivities and the perfect time to get treated with laser hair removal. Not only is it colder outside, but as the temperature increases, so does your body’s ability to heal itself. Cold weather reduces swelling and bruising from your treatment, which means you’ll see better results faster. It can also be more comfortable versus the heat of summer which can increase sensitivity in the treatment area.

Less Noticeable Side Effects

As you begin to change out your favorite shorts for your favorite jeans in the winter, you’ll likely worry less about the side effects of laser hair removal like redness and sensitivity. During summer, it can be difficult to cover up the side effects of treatment meaning you’ll have much greater discretion during the winter. You can undergo your transformation without visible signs and be ready for warmer weather.

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