Protecting the Skin

Posted on November 24, 2021

Brushing your teeth twice a day and taking your car in for routine oil changes are preventative actions you can take to preserve your oral health and gas mileage, but some don’t take similar steps to safeguard their skin against wrinkles, age spots, and spider veins.

Following a daily skin care routine and making healthy lifestyle choices can help delay natural aging while preventing common skin issues. 

Since skin is our largest and most visible organ, it makes sense to be concerned with protecting it. If you haven’t given it much thought until recently, know that now is better than never. Below are things you can do to achieve soft, supple skin with a youthful glow.

How to take care of your skin

Skin aging is a “complex biological process” but there are preventative measurements, topical agents, and cosmetic procedures you can implement to help skin look smooth, firm, and bright.

Preventive measurements for optimal skin

Good habits take time to stick; if you want to keep your skin healthy, incorporate these ideas today:

Wear sunscreen: Choose your favorite broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Apply it daily and generously, and reapply it every two hours when you’re spending time outdoors. If you are swimming or perspiring, plan to lather up in shorter increments.

Eat a healthy diet: Eating well can help you look good and feel good, too. Eat plenty of nourishing fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains each day, and always drink plenty of water. Adding omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to reduce inflammatory skin conditions and promote younger-looking skin.

Manage stress: Frequent stress can make your skin sensitive and more prone to breakouts. Getting adequate sleep, committing to regular exercise, declining commitments you can’t devote time to, and making time to do things you enjoy are all things you can do to cope with stress. Reducing stress can benefit you in other ways, too, including improved digestion, a stronger immune system, and lower blood pressure.

Avoid smoking: Smoking contributes to wrinkles and damages collagen and elastin, making skin appear paler, droopy, and older. It may surprise you to learn that the repetitive facial expressions made when smoking can cause wrinkles, too! Basically, smoking causes premature aging — but it can also cause or contribute to squamous cell skin cancer. Consult with your primary care physician for manageable tips and treatments that can help you stop smoking for good.

Easy ways to get healthier, happier skin now

While adding more vegetables to your diet and decreasing stress levels take a bit of work to do, there are quick and easy ways to care for your skin right now and each day after.

Use gentle soaps: Strong soaps and harsh detergents can strip your skin of beneficial oils, so swap out products with damaging ingredients for mild cleansers that won’t dull or irritate your skin.

Moisture is key: Moisturizer prevents dryness, helps fight acne, soothes sensitive skin, and prevents wrinkles and discoloration. Find a moisturizer that works for your skin type and apply it daily; bonus points if it includes SPF! Additionally, you should pat or blot your skin dry with your towel post-shower to help lock in moisture. 

How can Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness help protect my skin?

Skin does change over time, but there are steps you can take to age with grace. Commit to a daily skin care routine and the lifestyle changes above, then let Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness help with anti-aging treatments and procedures to further fortify your skin.

We offer a variety of anti-aging treatments, including:

To get the vibrant, dewy skin you deserve, visit our online scheduler to request a consultation or call our medical spa directly at 918-994-9170 to schedule an appointment by phone.

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