About Dr. Bilbruck

Dr. Bilbruck was raised in San Bernardino, California by her father, an accountant, and her mother, a nightclub singer. After the unexpected death of her dad as a teenager, Bilbruck dropped out of high school to help support her family.

The future doctor had always imagined a white coat career, helping patients in medicine or dentistry, but the reality of her circumstances brought her to Houston, Texas. Out of desperation to find a decent-paying job that would hire a kid with no education, she took a job as a cocktail waitress. Barely 18, she toiled diligently serving drinks, and eventually she attended barber school. She then moved to Tulsa with her former spouse and continued cutting hair.

A defining moment in Dr. Bilbruck’s life was when she was a young hair stylist. One particular hair client helped transform Bilbruck’s future. The client was volunteering with the Madonna House, a local non-profit helping young mothers gain independence. The client helped women pass GED exams. Bilbruck was invited to volunteer by pampering the studying girls with a haircut to reward their hard work.

She took the opportunity to give haircuts to young women who were studying for their GED exams. She knew very well from personal experience that having support and having someone believe in you meant a lot to a struggling young woman.

She was inspired.

Bravely, Bilbruck confessed to her client her desire to be tutored to prepare for her own GED exam. From that point on, there was no hurdle too high. Bilbruck passed her GED test and continued her studies at a collegiate level. She started at Tulsa Community College, moved on to the University of Tulsa, and finished her pursuit at the University of Oklahoma Medical School. She impressively accomplished her educational goals while raising four children.

Dr. Bilbruck completed her residency in Internal Medicine in Tulsa, and been practicing as an internist since 1999.

She began to consider entering the field of aesthetics, and around 2006, she was approached by St. John’s Health System with the proposition to launch Results Med Spa.

It is Dr. Bilbruck’s mission to assist her patients with looking and feeling their best. Helping men and women achieve their aesthetic goals is what keeps Dr. Bilbruck working with dedication and the utmost care for her patients.